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The original one-of-a-kind PugSpeak Pug Cards for every occasion!


Welcome to PugSpeak Pug Cards! What makes PugSpeak Pug Cards the best pug cards? Like the PugSpeak Boys, our pug greeting cards are fresh, fun, and fabulous! PugSpeak Pug Cards capture the wit, humor, and charm of pugs everywhere. And PugSpeak offers an extensive selection of pug greeting cards. You name the occasion and we probably have it or can design it. You'll find pug cards for nearly every event including pug birthday, pug belated birthday, missing you, get well, and love themes. We also offer the PugSpeak Just For Fun Collection - pug cards by and about pugs. Pug lovers worldwide will appreciate those special and often quirky pug moments that are uniquely pug.


We also offer pug holiday cards including Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Mother's Day. And if you would like to order any of the pug cards as party invitations or announcements, please include instructions and we will customize your pug cards! Simply email us or call at (913) 403-8009.


A Box of 8 PugSpeak Pug Cards (with envelopes) are $30.00 which includes domestic shipping. For international orders (outside the US) a box of 8 cards are $34.00 which includes shipping.


Simply click on the thumbnails below to view larger photos, description, and pricing.


Please note: If you wish to mix your order - select 8 different pug cards in any variation other than 8 of the same - click the appropriate PaPal button below (assorted domestic or assorted international) and indicate in the PayPal Instructions Box your pug card choices by the pug card number.



$30.00 One box 8 assorted pug cards (Includes shipping for US)



$34.00 One box 8 assorted pug cards (Includes shipping outside the US)



Pug Birthday

Pug Card 004 Pug Card 005 Pug Card 205 Pug Card 209


Pug Belated Birthday

Pug Card 015 Pug Card 014


Pug Mother's Day

Pug Card 218


Congratulations on New Pug

Pug Card 020


Pug Love Theme

Pug Card 001 Pug Card 002 Pug Card 012


Pug Miss You/ Thinking of You

Pug Card 007 Pug Card 216 Pug Card 207


Pug Thank You

Pug Card 231


Pug Get Well

Pug Card 013 Pug Card 224


Pug Christmas/ Holiday Cards

Pug Card 302 Pug Card 308


Pug Just For Fun Collection

Pug Card 202 Pug Card 220 Pug Card 222 Pug Card 226 Pug Card 100 Pug Card 101 Pug Card 108 Pug Card 215 Pug Card 016